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Shadowiii's been sick and busy all last week, so he's sorry he hasn't released OHR-Weekly on time!

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Thanksgiving Quest - JSH357

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Project "C" - Reviewed by Shadowiii

Scary Game 3 - Moogle1
Preview of Scary Game 3, Game by Moogle1
Preview by Shadowiii

Well, this caught me by suprise. I wasn't expecting a Scary Game 3 preview, or even a demo for a while, so I was pleasantly suprised to discover this in my inbox. Being extremely curious as to how this game would turn out, I booted it up right off the bat. I must say, I'm impressed by what I see (even if it isn't that much so far), and I hope Moogle1 decides to suprise us with a Halloweeny Thanksgiving/Christmas instead of waiting until 2005 (mostly because I won't be here ;_;)

The preview is simple, there are roughly four rooms you can go to, each with some enemies, candy, jumps, etc. You can jump to get candy or to not die, jump over enemies, etc. Basic platformer. I was very impressed at how smooth it was, however. Candies appear for a second over your head (Candy x 1) when you get them, then fade out rather impressively. The graphics look quite nice (though the hero sprite seems a bit flat compared with Fenix's maptiles), and as I said above, it plays really smoothly.
Enemies look awesome, especially the pumpkins. I can see why Moogle1 went nuts when the pumpkins were finished being scripted, they look fantastic. They bounce and spin around and look quite entertaining.
Fighting is also smooth. I never got hit (I have 1337 ski11z), though I did get a beating for the screenshots. :P
My only complaint is that there was a small bug: I could double jump sometimes (jump, wait a second while I fell, jump again in midair). Whether this is a bug or a "feature" I still don't know.
Overall, Moogle1, don't wait for next Halloween. Finish this and release it as soon as possible! It's a great game, both fun and entertaining, and those pumpkins need to be shown to everybody. XD

Double jump!

That pumpkin is so rockin.

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Scary Game 3 - Moogle1

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