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Shadowiii's been sick and busy all last week, so he's sorry he hasn't released OHR-Weekly on time!

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Thanksgiving Quest - JSH357

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Project "C" - Reviewed by Shadowiii

Current News

Halloween Contest Ends, Voting Begins!

Gizmog1's annual Halloween Contest once again drew to a close this year, with plenty of great entries for you to play! Quite a few big names, including Thanksgiving Quest, Halloween Quest II, and Pitch Black 2 were among the entries. Overall, the majority of the games were well made and great fun, and I highly recommend you take a look! And be sure to vote!
The thread can be found

Pitch Black hits 1,500 Downloads

My first game, Pitch Black hit 1,500 downloads during the previous two weeks. The timing was perfect, as it's sequal just came out. Pitch Black is a year old game that follows a young girl on her quest to rescue her friends from a dark mansion. The game is not ageing well, but it does seem to still hold some popularity.

#ParadoxLounge / #OHR Fyre Protest Over?

Not too long ago, various community members (lead by Gizmog1 and Jazz Man) declared that they wouldn't go back to #ParadoxLounge until Fyre was banned and gone. They set up shop in #OHR for their insurrection. However, it seems that they have been slowly giving up, as various memebers of the uprising (including SilentAngel, TMC, and others) have returned to #ParadoxLounge recently. It seems they finally have given up, as Gizmog1 was seen insulting Fyre in #ParadoxLounge during the past few nights. I guess that means the insurrection is over.

Walthros Hits 911 (Never Forget)

Walthros, PHC's OHR epic, hit 911 downloads on Castle Paradox last week. Let is never forget those who died protecting Walthros from the blue spirit. PHC's game has spawned a multitute of bizzare spinoffs, the most popular being Walthrus: Return of the Crystels. Both games are definatly worth checking out.

10/5/1999 Game.exe Hits 550 Downloads (?!)

Komera uploaded an old version of game.exe in order to run really outdated games (read: Magnus). It seems, however, that this obsolite version is really popular as it has more downloads then some of the best games on CP! Well, I guess CP is weird like that.

Train: La ballade de #Sew Director's Cut Announced

SDHawk recently announced that he would be making a director's cut to his OHR "movie" about Train, #Sew, and the fact that none of them seem to ever get their work done, ever. But there is a catch: he'll only make it if he wins the Halloween Contest! Is Train worth voting for? I'll let you decide.
You can view the thread

Title screen contest over, voting begins

RPGSpotKahn's title screen contest has closed, and now you should go vote on which title screen you think is the best. Personally, I think this contest is a bit pointless, as the only way to know whether a title screen is good is not only how it LOOKS, but if it goes with the GAME. This way we only get to judge on the former. But whatever, go vote anyway because it's easy.

Photo Edit Contest Ends, Voting Begins

Moogle1's photo editing contest, which included editing Moogle1's head to look like a freak of nature, has come to a close. There are lots of images to vote on, so go vote now before the polls close!

Shadowiii, a lazyass?

Hlo pplz, ths iz Shadowii (no relation to Shadowiii. N fact, tat faggot stole mah usernaym!), and I wud lik 2 say tat Shadowiii iz a totl laz-e ass i meen, 1st he skips out n last week's ish sayn he'l mak a "specil Halowen 2x ish" butt halowen cums & all we heer iz him wining bout how "OH NOES BYU INTERNET SUCKS AND IM SICK" when we no itz just bekuz hez lazy and wurkd on hiz gaym instead of wurking n orh weekly i meen how hard cud it bee???? he had many weaks and he cud hav dun pieces ov it durng teh week and postd it up butt no he has 2 do it all n one daye i meen tak about lazzy! ten halowen cums goes BYU's net cums bak butt Shadow sais hell hav hor wwekly up n tusday well were iz it!111!?//? i dunt c it turns out Shadow got laazy agaain nad dicided 2 sleep or 2 do homewurk or sometign instead ov poztng up sphere weeky wich iz waaaaay mor important ten tat crap well anyways tursday (today) cums and shadow said that hed get it dun by noon, well ppls itz fr***%$cken 1:30 rit now and I dunt see it!!!!!!?!? lookz lik Shadow uiz a lazyaz 4 reel! when u see him in irc say "Shadowii says u r lazy were is ohr weekly damit" (hay: Shadowii not Shadowiii no relation shadowii is a faggot who stole my usernaym!)

K thx bye.

Current News
Halloween Contest Ends, Voting Begins!

Pitch Black Hits 1,500 Downloads

#Paradoxlounge Fyre Protest Over?

Walthros Hits 911 (Never Forget)

10/5/1999 Game.exe hits 550 downloads (?!)

Train: La ballade de #Sew director's cut announced

Title Screen Contest Over, Voting Begins

Photo Ed Contest Over, Voting Begins

Shadowiii a lazyass?

Scary Game 3 - Moogle1

At a Glance
Cabbage Acres VG Demo 1


Halloween Contest Games

Thanksgiving Quest

Halloween Intangible

Halloween Quest II

Pussy Pet

Train: Le ballade de #Sew: Le Procrastination De Masse

Halloween No Ingles

Pitch Black 2

Hawk - The Making of Train: Le Ballade de #Sew

RMZ - The Making of Halloween Quest II

STDHawk and Sew, interviewed by Squall. Sort of.

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