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Article by SDHawk
Hi! My name's Sew, and this is my who- partner, Hawk!

Hi! My name's Hawk, and I did all the work on Train: La ballade de #Sew: Le Procrationation De masse, while Sew here was used to be made fun of as much as possible.


As hard as I try to capture my partner's dialogue within this Making Of, I obviously fall short in capturing his sewiness, so bear in mind that Sew is the Train: La ballade de #Sew: Le Procrationation De masse version of himself, rather than the real thing. (Never mind half of Train: La ballade de #Sew: Le Procrationation De masse's dialogue came from IRC)

Now to get back on track (Train! On track! Ha! If only the REAL train was on track), Train: La ballade de #Sew: Le Procrationation De masse was originaly intended to be an actual game that used the upcoming Train's lighting system to mock why Train wasn't coming out. Hoochi spewed out a few ideas for such a game, but ultimatley if we were too lazy to make Train, we were too lazy to make a game that mocked it. After pacing around awhile on Halloween night, wanting to make SOMETHING, I decided a movie in similar style as Put On Shoes: THE MOVIE, but mocking us would be the perfect fit. Not too hard to make, but amusing enough.

Why are you advertising the hell out of this movie instead of working on the REAL Train, Hawk?

Shut up, Sew.


Oh, and there's Hachi Rooku. Speaking of Hatchi, he came up with virtually every idea that was actually funny in Train: La ballade de #Sew: Le Procrationation De masse, and then promptly received no credit as I hoarded it all. But it's okay, because all he ever says is 'hail', 'haha', or 'choo-choo'. Actually, ever since he started sitting in #sew he's been virtually the mastermind of every project Sew and I do. But don't tell anyone that.


The first phase of Train: La ballade de #Sew: Le Procrationation De masse, I simply started drawing, though based off Hockey's ideas, and showed a few frames to #sew who generaly liked them. Later that night I sent them a half-finished copy of it in the form of an animated gif, which they thourghly liked (and is also where the Giz bit comes from though I'm still not sure if he was commenting on Train or Pet Pussy). Then I went to bed and continued on Monday.

More or less though, it had no planning save for me throwing in nearly every one of Haci's ideas for it. I just drew as things came to me, but after the first half I did write down a simple list of what happened next and drew that. Overall, however, the movie's meant to be a mostly spontanious thing so the lack of planning fit the work.


After that, I created the RPG file and imported each frame into it. (Later on I edited a few of the frames to adjust with the music... the biggest example being Sew running into a tree when he leaves after I added The Flintstones theme) Then, I began the funnest part of the entire thing: I picked the music for it. Most of the time, I'm totally against music ripping in games... but after some thought I decided the use of familiar themes works wonders for comical games... and this wasn't a very important game, so I decided to go ahead and use 'em for once.
Train's soundtrack consists mostly of semi-old TV show themes with a few video game songs thrown in for good measure. I can't really explain why. Sesame Street's theme just fit Giz so well... and The Flintstone's theme for Sew and I's scenes was the most perfect thing ever, while Dragon Warrior 3's overworld song captured the epicness of Sew's journey in a loop with complete percision.

Speaking of the music, the one thing that's been commented the most to me is the fact that my song isn't synced. Originally it was, but it took over three minutes, which was a little ridiculous when the frame only changed every 500 ticks. It's just annoying to the viewer when considering the time of the rest of the movie is nowhere near that, and I didn't want to bother with adding extra frames. Plus a few people thought the game froze as it is. So I halved it. Yeah, it's un-synced... but hey, the entire song isn't even supposed to be music in much of any form anyway so it fits.

Work on Train you slut ):

I will in a minute, Sew, almost done. Anyway, I wrote a simple script that's basicly a for loop to play through the frames, change the music on certain frames, and auto-advance the song part, and finally added the credits using text boxes and it was done. And that, is how Train: La ballade de #Sew: Le Procrationation De masse was created. I hope you enjoyed this simple article. And be sure to vote for Train: La ballade de #Sew: Le Procrationation De masse if you want Train: La ballade de #Sew: Le Procrationation De masse: The Director's Cut! (See announcement board for more details).

Work on Train now?




This is why we can't have nice things :(

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