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Shadowiii's been sick and busy all last week, so he's sorry he hasn't released OHR-Weekly on time!

Game of the Week
Thanksgiving Quest - JSH357

Review of the Week
Project "C" - Reviewed by Shadowiii

Week of November 4th
Cabbage Acres VG Demo 1 - by Cabbage King

Blarg. Why was this game released? It stars a Cabbage (yes a cabbage) who is called in an email to save the world. Wow. You then fight robots, go into a forest (but if you talk to the beehive it screwes you way up), and go to a town where no-one lives. That's it. End of demo? Doesn't say. Heck, this isn't even DEMO LENGTH. Holy cow. Don't get this if you value your sanity.

Zander - by Leo88

This game is in Swedish. I don't speak Swedish. If you do, then go for it.

Halloween Games
Thanksgiving Quest - by JSH357

OF all the Halloween games, I thought it was funny that the one that had nothing to do with Halloween was one of the best. JSH's Thanksgiving Quest is an entertaining game where you follow Hitler through time and space as the ghost of Thanksgiving past tries to make Hitler thankful about something. The game doesn't play like traditional OHR battles. You don't level up or get money, you just...survive. The battles reminded me a lot of Bliss, where you had to choose your moves carefully.
There are a few downsides. First, one mistake in battle and you could easily be toast, and battles (especially boss battles) last a LONG time (think five to ten minutes, unles you use Fuhrer Rage like a beast). Also, the entertainment value wears off pretty quick. After Airship 2600, the game wasn't interesting enough to keep me going. The game was, however, nonlinear and quite fun. Overall, a recommended download.

Halloween Intangible - by Jjkaybomb

Jjkaybomb's Halloween game is...entertaining. It seems a disgruntled moviemaker...or was it newscaster? Anyway, he wants to cancel Halloween, and so he does. So you, a poor girl who wants to go trick or treating, decide to go give him what's for. So you do. The opening is quite entertaining, but the battles are dull and the graphics pretty dang bad. Overall, I enjoyed the opening movie (Giz's cameo got a chuckle), but this really isn't very wonderful.

Halloween Quest 2 - by RedMaverickZero

Well, it's called Halloween Quest, even though RMZ has been working on it since March. At any rate, the game is decent (at least as far as I played it). The graphics are a slight improvement, and the gameplay seems exactly the same as the original Halloween Quest (default OHR battle and you get candy to learn spells). There are a few things I dislike about it. First off, the pacing is really bad. The game goes really slow at times (in fact, most of the time) and rushes through other parts (ex: the scene with Josh and his mother). In all honesty, this trait is in most of RMZ's games, so I suppose if you liked them you'll probably enjoy this one.
Another issue was the battles. I fought Protoman, assuming that since he was just sitting there I could take him out. Nope, dead. Not only that, the save point is all the way through your house into your fenced backyard, which made up for a LOT of walking. Not cool. At least normal battles seem decently balanced.
Verdict? If you really liked RMZ's other games you will definatly enjoy this one. If you didn't, you probably will be entertained for a while then get tired of it.

Pussy Pet - by Wes Gomez (Sew and Gizmog1)

This is a very...pointless game. I fail to even see what it has to do with halloween. It is supossed to be funny, I guess. I can only assume that's what the author's thought when they called the game "Pussy Pet" (I mean, we are talking about Gizmog1 and Sew here). Anyway, you pet a cat. That's it. Don't download it.

Train: La Ballade de #Sew - by SDHawk

This is an inside look at what happens at #Sew. It basically is Hawk insulting Sew because Sew is lazy, and Sew is insulting Hawk because he is lazy. After watching this movie I have come to the conclusion that Sew and Hawk are very much in love, and they are probably cybering right now (with Hachi watching).

Oh yeah, if you have been in #Sew or #Paradoxlounge lately, you will probably find this OHR "movie" entertaining. If you don't know Sew or Hawk, don't bother.

Halloween No Ingles - by Gizmog1

This game was glanced at by Fenrir-Lunaris, as I (Shadowiii) am opposed to the game's content
HNI is a disturbingly sexual romp through the Halloween fantasy world of Gizmog and company, perhaps better suited for the Terrible Games Contest. Similar in style to the other "No Engles" games, it combines sexual jokes, gratuitous pop cultural references and cameo appearances from other OHR games.

Shadowiii's Comment: I heard this game was exactly like the other Halba No Ingles games (which I unfortunatly did play) except now it has pornographic graphics. If you don't believe me, take a look at the screenshot. If it is anything like the others, it probably stars a girl who goes out to commit as many sexual acts as possible, and finally ends up in some huge orgy with Gizmog1. Honestly, Giz, why do you waste our time with this garbage?
[No Screenshot]
Pitch Black 2 - by Shadowiii

This is my game, so I'll do my best not to be biased. The game was released with quite a bit cut out due to time constraints. Also, the first puzzle is WAY too hard (I'll fix it right after the contest is over). You will also probably have to read the readme to get all the controls down (and knowing you have to hit a key after leaving a side room to continue confused some people).
Other then that, the game is indeed hard, but it was a blast to make and I've actually played through it around twenty times. It has four completely unique endings depending on how you play, an improved light script, improved side rooms, better graphics, and co-op puzzles. Overall, I'd say if you plan on voting in the halloween contest, get it. If not, but you still want to play it, you should probably wait for the post-Halloween Contest bugfix update.

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