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Shadowiii's been sick and busy all last week, so he's sorry he hasn't released OHR-Weekly on time!

Game of the Week
Thanksgiving Quest - JSH357

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Project "C" - Reviewed by Shadowiii

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That's right! OHR-Weekly needs OHR Community members like you to help us keep the magazine going! We'd love you to send us tons of stuff all the time for our magazine! There are many different things you can submit to us, from pictures to stories to much, much more! Please follow these simple rules when submitting things.

Editorials - Editorials should be spell checked. They should refrain from overuse of swearing and sexual references. They shouldn't blatantly flame any other member without reason. Please submit your editorial to negamask@gmail.com.

Art - Art should be work safe. Though "centerfold" material is acceptable, please refrain from blatant pornography. Submit your art to negamask@gmail.com.

Previews - Send pictures or files to negamask@gmail.com. If you'd like specific comments to be added, please write them in. If you fail to write in comments with screenshots, you'll only get screenshots. I'll give a mini-review of what you sent me if you send me an actual rpg file.

Articles - This is the good stuff! Articles and reviews are what we love to get from our readers. However, we'll need you to do a few things for us. First, if the article is over 500 words, please write it in HTML. It really isn't that hard (you'll just need to use the "new line" command and possible bold if you so desire), and it saves me a TON of time. Secondly, please spell check everything you send in (except interviews, which don't need to be spell checked). The same rules apply in terms of content: most is acceptable, just don't go over the edge. OHR-Weekly greatly appreciates anyone who sends us an article, even if it isn't long. If you'd just like to write a short paragraph on something you've discovered recently in custom.exe or whatever, please go for it! OHR-Weekly needs content, and we need people to write articles for it! Articles should be sent to negamask@gmail.com. If you cannot write in HTML, please tell me and I'll see if I can manage it. Please don't send the file as the actual email, send it as a .zip attachment. Thanks!

Writer's Corner - Submitted stories should be in HTML format if possible. They should be spellchecked, and they also shouldn't have any explicit content (notice a trend?). Send them to negamask@gmail.com.

As stated above, please ZIP all your html files. This really speeds things up, thanks.


Any and all feedback can be sent to Shadowiii. I appreciate all feedback that you can give (except blatant insults. I can live without those. :P)
Current News
Halloween Contest Ends, Voting Begins!

Pitch Black Hits 1,500 Downloads

#Paradoxlounge Fyre Protest Over?

Walthros Hits 911 (Never Forget)

10/5/1999 Game.exe hits 550 downloads (?!)

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Title Screen Contest Over, Voting Begins

Photo Ed Contest Over, Voting Begins

Shadowiii a lazyass?

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At a Glance
Cabbage Acres VG Demo 1


Halloween Contest Games

Thanksgiving Quest

Halloween Intangible

Halloween Quest II

Pussy Pet

Train: Le ballade de #Sew: Le Procrastination De Masse

Halloween No Ingles

Pitch Black 2

Hawk - The Making of Train: Le Ballade de #Sew

RMZ - The Making of Halloween Quest II

STDHawk and Sew, interviewed by Squall. Sort of.

Writers Corner
Artimus Bena
Aarkhaen War


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